Thursday, March 06, 2014

LEGO 4th Birthday Party

My little one turned 4 this past Sept. and he wanted to have a LEGO party to celebrate. So with it being Thursday I decided to do a little crafty throwback Thursday! 

First and for most, the invitations. I have always loved to make the invitations, maybe one day I will post about all the invitations that I have made in the past. I found this invitation at Stamp-n-Design. I just added my own flare to it and cut everything out on the Silhouette. 

I also love to make fun things for our guests and had this great idea to have a coloring wall. I took some large paper (not sure what size I got since it was left over from a friend) and I hung it up on my wall. With a overhead projector I traced a little LEGO man and "Happy 4th Birthday Chase". The day of the party I put it up on the wall with a little table that we had with some crayons. I also found a bunch of coloring pages online and printed those out for those who just wanted sit and color. The kids loved this.

Every party  needs a favor bag for their guests. I looked all over online for some kind of template and found this nifty little box. You can find the tutorial and printable's here at Delia Creates

These little boxes were perfect for a bunch of little gifts. With the favors we also found some LEGO brick shape candy that we gave to each of the guest as a Thank you for coming. 

I have tons of fun making cakes for his parties and this one was not any different. I knew I wanted to  make a "4" so I thought LEGO bricks would be great for this! I took some disposable loaf pans and baked 4 different loafs. I then baked some mini cupcakes. When all the cake was cooled I carefully shaped each brick to make it smooth on all sides, then taking the cupcakes I cut off the tops to make them each look like the tops of LEGOs. We divided 2 containers of white icing and used food coloring to color the icing, adding a little bit of icing to the bottom of the cut cupcake I placed 3 on top of the brick and then iced up the brick. Place some LEGO people on it and you have yourself a perfect LEGO cake. 

My husband is a huge LEGO fan so he was kind enough to build a few of his big boy legos and placed them through out the party area for decorations. The kids LOVED looking at all the built LEGOS and were full of questions. I also covered out dining room table with a tablecloth and dumb out all his LEGOs so everyone could create and build while they party. For the little ones I had some old LEGO Duplos that I placed out for them to play as well. Overall we had a wonderful day celebrating our little guys 4th birthday. Here are some other pictures from the party.

Favor and gift table

Building and Creating 
The Birthday boy (I made his shirt, too 

The coloring wall

Thanks for taking a look at my little guys LEGO party. I surely had a blast creating everything for his party!

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  1. Looks like a fun party. Love your coloring wall, that is such a great idea.


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