Thursday, February 13, 2014

Super Hero Valentines Cards

With Valentines day being tomorrow I wanted to share my little guy's valentine's cards. This was the first year that we did cards so I wanted to do something special and what he was into. Just like any little boy he LOVES Superheros. So after a few hours of searching Pinterest I made these cute little things. 

I wish I could say that I came up with idea but I found this awesome tutorial from Keeping it Simple. Check out her amazing tutorial and blog here!

I promise I will get better photos soon but here is the quick run down on how I made this cute little Valentine's cards.

I did this on my silhouette cameo software as a print and cut. I really do love this program. Even if you don't have a cameo you still can download the software and make this just cut it out by hand rather then having the machine cut it out. I made a basic Triangle and a circle placing them on top of each other and erased the bottom of the bottom of the circle, grouping it all together, making a cape. Add color to each of the mini capes. 

Here comes the fun. 

I found Superhero Dingbats at They worked so well for this. Choose which superheros you want and come up with some sayings. I just chose to do a basic Happy Valentines Day but you could use cute sayings to dress up your cards. To color your dingbats make sure you ungroup the logo and highlight each part that is going to be the same color, then clicking the color choice. So simple right. 

These were such a HUGE hit at a birthday party we went to this week. I can't wait to deliver the rest to all the kids in the neighborhood with my little guy tomorrow!

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